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Hard hose reel irrigators are used to distribute effluent using a trailer mounted hose reel with an oscillating sprinkler gun attached to the hose. The hose is a MDPE pipe. The FDE is pumped to the hose reel and into a turbine that turns the reel, winding in the sprinkler. This system can apply at a requested rate and depth.

• The wetted width can be up to 100m or more (specified for the paddock width.
• Application rate and depth is controllable
• Auto shut off at the end of a pumping session
• Large volumes pumped at one time
• Good uniformity

• Heavy equipment to shift (tractor required)
• High standard of competence required to operate
• low to medium labour content
• Medium to High capital outlay

Things to Consider:
The Hard Hose Reel option can be a good if the farm is flat to easy rolling with nice square paddocks. The application rates can be governed by the speed the reel is set at. Make sure the turbine drive unit is cast not stainless.

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