Long Shaft Transfer Pumps

Long shaft pumps are usually mounted on the side of or on a mounting platform system in tanks. The Advantage of a long shaft pump is;
• They such from the bottom of the tank from the start of the pumping session. When combined with a stirrer the consistency of the solids and liquid helps prevent blockages in the main line.
• Side of the tank installations are easy to maintain, they can be easily taken out.

• If mounted on a platform in the middle of a sump, they may need specialist equipment to get the out.
• You need to have a maintenance program in place to check the oil in the shaft on a regular basis

Things to consider
If you are pumping from a sump then the long shaft pump is a good option. Check that the pump can be got to and maintained easily.

If the long shaft pump has a mechanical seal then get an estimate on what it would cost to have the pump repaired. It is best to know these costs before something happens. Check the warranty conditions. These pumps work well with a stirrer combination. This helps with the dilution of the solids. Sand is very hard on these pumps and if not controlled can cause premature ware.

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