Your Total Design Solution

Effluent and Irrigation Design™ provide an independent consultancy service that analyses your specific farming needs or current process and design the ideal system to suit your land and the way you farm.

Effluent and Irrigation Design™ understands the concerns relating to how much work managing an effluent system can be. With years of experience, technical training, contact with farmers and understanding of Permitted Activity Rules and consent requirements our consultants have a wealth of knowledge to call upon. Effluent and Irrigation Design™ develop the right effluent solution for your farm, ensuring council compliance is achieved while saving you valuable time and money.

Effluent and Irrigation Design™ looks at all aspects of your farm including topography, nutrient budgeting and effluent block layout to recommend the best solution for you.

Because Effluent and Irrigation Design™ is made up of independent consultants, we have the ability to provide different system designs. We work with all manufacturers of effluent disposal solutions available in the New Zealand market. Multiple outcomes are often reached allowing farmers to make choices that best suit their farming needs. Rather than simply being sold a specific product, our process allows farmers to become educated buyers of designs precisely suited for their farm. 

Compare effluent nutrition values:

The graph below illustrates how different the utilisation of nutrients from effluent can be on farms that operate on Low Application Rate Systems and on those of High Application Rate Systems.

Approximate utilisation of effluent means savings in fertiliser to you. Effluent and Irrigation Design™ will tell you how.


To understand the graph, note that:

The green data represents amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium produced by 400 cows have been given a dollar value (that's how much those nutrients would cost if bought elsewhere)

The yellow data illustrates how much nutrient goes back into the soil as a fertiliser replacement. When using low application rate effluent systems, 90% of nutrients produced are re-utilised. When using high rate application effluent systems, 40% of nutrients are re-utilised.

The red data illustrates amounts of nutrient that inevitably go to waste. Only 10% of the nutrient produced by cows will go to waste on low application rate systems versus 60% wastage on high application rate systems.