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Effluent Pumps

The majority of effluent pumps are designed to pump solids up to 10% and traditionally have an open impellor. There are various options on the market today however with different impellor types, performance and power requirements.


The type of pump and size (kW) depends on the required volume, pressure, the effluent we are pumping and where it is being pumped from.


Sizes typically start at 5 to 30 horsepower or as high capacity as required.


The open impellor pump is primarily used to run such applicators as the Larall Smart Hydrant, stationary rain guns and Traveling Irrigators but they will often have the highest power requirement.

They are also used as transfer pumps for effluent containing solids. This includes feeding mechanical separators, transferring from sump to ponds and vise versa. Transfer pumps are usually high volume, low pressure.

With the introduction of Low Application Rate systems where solids have to be removed such as Irri-Pod, K-Line and Larall, the closed impellor pressure pump can be used.


These pumps are usually used to pump water. The closed impellor pump will produce a greater volume per hour that the equivalent size open impellor option making them more efficient. This includes Progressive Cavity (PC) pumps which can also pump solids more efficiently.  

There are four different types of effluent pumps.
1. Long Shaft (open impellor)
2. Short Shaft (open impellor)
3. Submersible (open impellor)
4. Shore Mounted (open impellor, closed impellor and PC pumps)

The main open impellor effluent pump brands are Doda, Gillies, Numedic and Reid & Harrison. There are many closed impellor pumps. Some brands are Davies, Gillies, Grunfos and Lowara. PC pumps include brands such as Mono, Bellin, Rota Nova and others.



Knowing everything about getting your farm compliant can be scary, especially when it comes to ticking all the right boxes.  We are here to help!  We can assist with new consent work & assist when renewing effluent discharge consents.


Effluent and Irrigation are industry-leading experts in the management of these instrumental farming systems.


As INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS we look at your farm and your setup to work out what is best for you.


We will work with you to ensure all compliance is met or exceeded, and that your effluent is managed in a sustainable manner.


Effluent and Irrigation DesignTM provide an independent consultancy service that analyses your specific farming needs & current process to design the ideal system to suit your land and the way you farm.

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