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Effluent Pump Accessories

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The auto greaser will automatically grease the bearings on the pump. It is a charged cylinder full of grease connected to the side of the pump. It can be connected to two bearings and be set to grease from one to twelve months.


• You can set and forget for the set period.

• Don't have to go out onto pontoons to grease pumps on pontoons in ponds and sumps


• If forgotten the bearings will run dry so a recording system is required

Things to consider

The auto greaser is really good if you have trouble getting to the pump.


Just don't forget to replace the cartridges.


The vacuum relief valve is used to let air into the main line so as to stop siphoning.


• Stops siphoning

• Low cost


• If the entire main line is down hill from the pond then the whole line will still empty out.

Things to consider

You may need to install multiple valves to stop the siphoning. If the main line has high and low points then the valve can be put in the main line at each high point. It also allows air into the line to prevent the line collapsing under vacuum.


A pressure relief valve will allow you to drain the effluent line of liquid under pressure, usually installed on the bridge of hydrants.


• Drains liquid so you don't get covered in effluent when removing a hydrant bridge


• No real disadvantages

Things to consider

The valves need to be installed in any low spot in the main line or if the hydrant is down hill from the irrigator.


A chopper system is an add-on to a pump, usually a hardened steel blade that is attached to the main shaft of the pump.


• Helps cut up larger mass so the nozzles on irrigators don't block.


• Extra horse power is required to run a chopper so the motors are usually 5hp larger

Things to consider

Chopper pumps are generally used when pumping from a sump or pond that has a lot of solids in it.


Murphy switches are control systems for tractors. If you have a PTO pump and are pumping with the tractor unattended a Murphy Switch monitors and looks after the tractor. The monitor oil pressure, water temperature, pump pressure, Vacuum plus a timer system to turn the tractor off.


• Keeps an eye on the tractor when running unattended.


• No real disadvantages

Things to consider

These systems need to be installed by an auto electrician. They are that primarily to watch over the tractor and pump. If a fault arises the system can be shut down before any damage is done to the tractor or pump


Pump fault monitoring is becoming vital within most systems. The ability to be told of a problem within the system when it happens via SMS can save potential disasters from occurring.



• Peace of mind while the system is in operation knowing you will be notified of any irregularities

• The pump can be turned on and off in the field


Electrical Control Boxes

The Electrical control box is an important part of the system. There needs to be some planning into what you want the system to do. The use of PLC's to run complex systems is more common now.

Things to consider

The power cable size you run from the main switchboard to the pump station is crucial. If you undersize it and want to draw down more power in the future, you may have to install a new cable. Although it is hard to know what is going to happen in the future, it can pay to look at the next size up just in case.


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