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Pricing From: $15k - $80k


Bladders are more recent to the market but have stood the test of time overseas and plenty have now been installed successfully in NZ. They are typically available in sizing from 100m3 up to 1200m3 with a maximum (full) height of 1.6m. There are at least 3 brands available that are all imported from Europe with various inlet / outlet ports. The Vortex Bladder also has center entry and exit points which is great for solids management.


Bladders are quick to install and this simply involves a sand / fines pad. A contingency bund around the outside may be required depending on the particular regional council.


Convenient and easy to install

 Do not require district council consenting

• Do not capture rainwater

 Avoids water table issues

• Do not require safety fencing due to enclosed facility


• Like tanks, can be costly when comparing $/m3 storage

• Are only available up to 1200m3

• Difficult to clean - attention to solids management and design around the bladder.

Things to Consider

• Solid Separation / management

• Does the bladder have a center drain?

• Deal with an authorised installer like Effluent & Irrigation (for Vortex Bladders) to ensure a hassle free installation and that the design is correct for solids management.  

• Gravity feeding or pumping out of the bladder?


We are here to help.

The Team at Effluent & Irrigation Design understands the concerns relating to how much work managing a dairy farm and its systems can be. 

We are here to help you. 


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