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Pricing From: 50k +


Tanks have long been an alternative storage solution to ponds. This includes large in-ground concrete tanks to above-ground options such as Tasman Tanks.

Similarly to a pond, some of the tank options involve a liner. Otherwise, the tank is constructed using concrete and / or sealed panels.


 Avoids water table issues


 Robust solution (e.g. 50 year structural design life depending on make).

• Round in shape which is efficient to stir


• Do not require safety fencing due to height of tank


• Can be costly


• Often require building consent and therefore Geotech implications and cost.

 • Access to clean (if required) not so easy compared to a pond

Things to Consider

• Solid Separation / management

• Does the supplier offer them with a cover - worth assessing via storage calculation

•  District council construction consents, associated costs and does the supplier include this?

• Pumping from the tank or gravity feeding out of it?

• Tank stirring options


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