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Shore Mounted Pressure Pumps

Pricing From $7.5k - $18k

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Farm effluent pumping has changed over the years.  It now has to be lump-free so that it passes through irrigation equipment more effectively, and sediment must be removed because it can block pipelines and wear pumps.


Consequently, the need for large clearance centrifugal pumps that can handle dog chains, ear tags, and paint can tops has gone. This allows the use of positive displacement pumps with special characteristics.  In particular, progressing cavity (PC) pumps supply the same flow to each hydrant on the farm so that irrigator performance is identical at each location.


They can handle high pressures (up to 120+ metres head) and use about half the power of a centrifugal effluent pump.


Effluent and Irrigation recommends PC pumps that have desirable features such as a high centre of eccentricity, lower running speeds with lower wear, higher solids passage, inspection hatches for ease of servicing and affordable spare parts.


• Constant, regular output to any hydrant point for consistent irrigator performance (and consistent nutrient application).

• Low power consumption and higher overall efficiencies

• Pumping heads up to 120+ metres delivers effluent to high sections of the farm and / or at distance.

• Self-priming from the shore - no need for pontoons / walkways etc.


• To limit wear must run grit-free and should not be allowed to run dry.

• Normally a higher capital cost relative to other pumps


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