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Short Shaft Pumps

Pricing from: $5k - $12k


•Ideal for pumping in a pond.

• When mounted on a pontoon in a pond they pump just below the surface.

• Some models have a balanced shaft with no bearings or seals in the water.


• Can be difficult to get to if mounted on a pontoon. Some pontoons have gangplanks out to the pump.

When mounted on a pontoon in a sump, they can be difficult to service.

NOTE: Shore mounted pumps more common these days due to above safety reasons.

Things to consider

If the pump has a mechanical seal then get an estimate on what it would cost to have the pump repaired. It is best to know these costs before something happens.


Check the warranty conditions.

These pumps work well with a stirrer combination. This helps with the dilution of the solids.

Sand is very hard on these pumps and if not controlled can cause premature ware.


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