We Understand

In a market saturated with choice

when it comes to effluent & irrigation 

it can get confusing to know


We are independent Effluent System Suppliers and Consultants. We can consider all the products and solutions for you.

We have a non-biased view when we review your farming situation.  We give independent advice.

We do our research to find the best solution for you and your farm's needs. 
We think outside the box instead of trying to fit you in one!

Why choose us?

In a market saturated with choice when it comes to effluent & irrigation products, it can get confusing to know what is best for you and your farm.


E&I have a holistic view with your best interest at heart, finding you the best solution to meet your farm's needs and your budget.


We are a trusted enterprise, being in the effluent and irrigation industry for 40 + years.   

We hold industry design accreditation. You can trust us to have your best interests at heart.


Ready to talk?  We're here to help you, contact us now and we'll call you.



Knowing everything about getting your farm compliant can be scary, especially when it comes to ticking all the right boxes.  We are here to help!


Effluent and Irrigation are industry-leading experts in the management of these instrumental farming systems.


As independent consultants we look at your farm and your setup to work out what is best for you. We can then bundle various equipment options together, supply and install the effluent system for your project.


We will work with you to ensure all compliance is met or exceeded, and that your effluent is managed in a sustainable manner.

What our clients have to say. 

“E&I designed a system for my farm. I thought getting a new effluent system installed was going to be a long and complicated process. I was wrong. They gave me a date and the system arrived on that date. I was impressed with the professionalism. It was a pleasure to deal with Effluent and Irrigation Design. They show such knowledge of the Agricultural Industry.”

Craig Fulton, Sharemilker  

Joan De Renzy, Farm Owner,


Effluent and Irrigation DesignTM provide an independent service that analyses your specific farming needs & current process to design and supply the ideal system to suit your land and the way you farm.

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