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Reduce your Farm Fertiliser Costs!
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Effluent and Irrigation DesignTM provide an independent consultancy service that analyses your specific farming needs or current process and design the ideal system to suit your land and the way you farm.

Do you spend a lot of valuable time working on herd effluent? 

Put your herd's effluent to work for you!

Effluent disposal is an important part of your farming operation, however, it doesn't need to be a task that costs you valuable time and planning. Effluent disposal systems can range from treatment ponds to land based treatment systems, where the effluent is pumped from sumps or holding ponds.

Pumping from a large storage facility is generally preferred by regional councils, but no matter the situation, there is a need to minimise your concerns about effluent disposal. It's a big issue that you need to get right, so speak to the experts.

Does your Effluent System Comply?

Apply your dairy effluent back onto your farm soil and never over-spend on fertilisers again.

Investing in a well designed effluent system can give you a significant financial return on investment by reducing fertiliser expenditure, minimising animal health issues, and significantly cutting down labour inputs required to manage effluent disposal.